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Here’s What’s New

Congregation Meeting

The church council, at the recommendation of the call committee, voted to hold a full congregational vote on whether to proceed with the calling of Pastor John Morley III. This vote will take place on Sunday, August 25th, after the regular service.

Got an Announcement?

If you have an announcement that you'd like to see in the bulletin, on our website, or on our Facebook page, please send it to the church office by using the "Contact Us" button at the bottom of website.

Prayer Requests

Please send all prayer requests to Mary Jo Walz at 785-726-4140 or 785-623-7074 or

Women of Life

The Women of L.I.F.E. will meet on Monday, August 26th at 7pm. All ladies are welcome to come. They will be planning the projects for the upcoming year.

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