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How to Give Back to the Church

Recognizing that everything we have belongs to God and is entrusted to our care, Christ Lutheran Church members lead the call to joyfully share our God-given time, talents, and treasures.  We willingly share our gifts both in the church and with the world.


How much of your time are giving to God?  One hour a week on Sunday morning for worship? Fifteen minutes twice a month to run your kids to and from confirmation? Twenty minutes every other month as a greeter?  That's good! Now, how much of your time are you giving to your work or school? How much vacation time do you take each year?  We realize that all these things are important, but where does God fit in when we rank them? As Christians, we believe that God should be first in line and not merely given the time we have left over after everything else is done.  Put Him on your calendar first.  Schedule time to worship, pray, study, and serve for God and His kingdom.


We are all endowed with unique gifts and talents from our Lord.  These talents are not all the same.  God does not give out these gifts equally.  Therefore, we need to discover what specific gifts or talents that God has given to each of us and then use them to His glory! Do you have the “gift of gab”?  Can you sew or build?  Are you a great cook?  Can you carry a tune?  Do you have the ability to put others at ease?  All these (and more) are spiritual gifts - special talents - given by God, to be used in His service.  Let us help you find where your special talent can be used within the church.  Contact the church office or a council member and the they will assist you in matching your talents with one or more of our ministry opportunities.


We are so blessed!  We live and work in a thriving community in a rich and prosperous country.  Even in tough economic times such as these, we look around us and find that we really “want” for very little.  We, as Christians, are called to share this treasure with those in need.  Financial gifts to CLC are used to develop and continue our ministries, sharing God's love with others, as well as being sent directly to mission fields to help those in greater need than ourselves.  Sharing your treasure with others through your contributions to CLC ensures that God's work continues to grow and thrive through CLC. Treasure, or financial support, can be shared through regular giving via offering envelopes, as a one-time or recurring online donation via PayPal, or by setting up automatic bill pay through your bank. For instructions on setting up bill pay through your bank, Click Here, or send us a message and someone will reach out to you. PayPal donations can be made using the "Donate" button below.

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